We're all about passion, adventure and photography.

Adventure. Our friends think we're perfect for each other. Who else but another photographer would want to get up before 4 a.m. during weekends and vacation to travel an hour for a sunrise, hike twelve miles for a remote Lake Superior shoreline, or stay up all night to watch for the northern lights?

Passion. We love what we do...it combines so many of the activities we enjoy: nature, hiking, camping, photography, writing. On our journeys, we learn so much about wildlife, plants, history, geology and geography. The places, objects and animals we share on our Website were ones that inspired us with joy, curiosity, wonder, awe, peace. Many times our time in nature was a truly spiritual experience.

Photography: We hope you enjoy viewing our photos as much as we did taking them. Many of our friends told us a particular photo brought back wonderful memories of childhood summer vacations, father-son fishing trips or even their honeymoon. We recommend you take a break at least once a day to look at a beautiful nature photo and daydream, relax, or meditate. Or perhaps one will inspire you to take a walk in the woods or on the beach today.

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Bob & Kris Brown