Chris Mc Evoy(non-registered)
What beautiful pictures.
David and Christine Wernette(non-registered)
Thx for sharing!
Diane Pinard(non-registered)
Wow, Kris and Bob we had no idea you guys were into this. The photos are absolutely stunning.
Bob Cogswell(non-registered)
I love Michigan of course, but would love to see what you shot out in Colorado also. It was good seeing you today. Look forward to next week.
Patti Hawkins(non-registered)
Beautiful, Beautiful Pictures taken in OUR beautiful state!! Keep up the GREAT work!! I so enjoyed! Merry Christmas!!!
Randy Stewart(non-registered)
hey, amazing photos. Thanks for sharing. Bob I remember your dad being a photo buff...back in the old days when cameras had film that had to be developed and you didn't see your pictures for a week! I fondly remember a time when he took a picture and somebody said, "did you get a good one?" and he replied, "I have no idea until I get the pictures developed!"

Our God is an awesome God and the beauty of His creation shines forth his glory! Thanks for capturing some of that for us to enjoy and worship Him.
CC Berg(non-registered)
You guys are rocking with your talent!! I am enjoying all the beauty.
Michele Moore(non-registered)
Unbelievably gorgeous! Thanks Bob & Kris for sharing your gift with us.
Brenda Johnson(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures, you truly have a gift! Congratulations to you both!
Dave Kemp(non-registered)
WOW!!!! Keep up the beautiful work.
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