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I'm personally grateful for everyone who stopped by to see and to chat. A couple favorite moments...the little 7-year old girl who ran up to my piece shouting, "WHOA!!" and then grabbed a card; and the man who said, "It looks so real...I feel like I could tough it and my hand would get wet." -Kris Brown  

Chapel Beach RocksChapel Beach RocksChapel Beach Rock was featured in ArtPrize 2014 at The Harris Building.

Chapel Beach lies within the Pictured Rock National Lakeshore, wedged between cliff formations. The main photographic interest here is the rock formation called Chapel Rock. However, the beach is like a slice of heaven...sandy beach with colorful rocks at the waterline and clear, sparkling waters of Lake Superior.

The stones on Chapel Beach are so beautiful! But you'll need to take a 3-mile hike to get there...so totally worth it!

Photo by: Kris Brown

We are planning to be down at The Harris Building (111 S. Division, near corner of Oakes Street) quite a lot this weekend. Hope you get a chance to stop by!

And don't forget to vote before midnight on Saturday!!

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Rampant RiverRampant RiverThe Blackwater River runs rampantly down the hills of Blackwater State Park in West Virginia. After a seemingly endless, harsh Winter, there was no shortage of water to fill the mountain rivers and streams in the area.

This image was my ArtPrize 2014 entry. The entry was presented as a 24" x 36" Gallery Wrapped custom made canvas.

Photo By: Bob Brown

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You're Invited to Our First Photography Exhibit https://2brownsphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/6/youre-invited-to-our-first-photography-exhibit A vibrant sunset reflection on a small lake, the pink blush of sunset on frozen Point Betsie lighthouse, sunlight filtering through a golden grove of birch and maple trees, and more magical Michigan moments. We're shared these images with you online. But we have to admit, it's a true thrill for us to see them on the wall in our first photography exhibit. We think you'll agree.

Please join us! We'll have over 15 photos and canvases and exhibit, and both of us will be available to chat about our photos or ju
st catch up. Refreshments will be served. Feel free to bring your friends.

If you would like to receive a mailed invitation, please send us your contact info through the Facebook or email it to
[email protected].

All works are for sale or available for order. 


Looking forward to seeing you.

A Grand Celebration

Birch Stand Dawns Early Light Blushing Betsie


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Work and Live in Michigan https://2brownsphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/4/work-and-live-in-michigan Bob's Grand Rapids fireworks photo is in the new "Work and Live in Michigan" video by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. It's at second 9! Don't blink!

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One Pic Wednesday https://2brownsphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/10/one-pic-wednesday Working in marketing communications and social media is very interesting (my other job), and coming across ideas all of the time. One of those ideas for a blog is "One Word Wednesday". Obviously, we have a different medium...so we're going to try "One Pic Wednesday" and see what you think. Of course, one photo is worth a thousand words...so it's like an automatic bonus.



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